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Soft Tissue Surgery 2

This lecture by Ronan Doyle will be available in 3 locations

Waterford       28th June - 09.30 - 16.30, 6 CVE Credits (registration from 9am)
Sligo                23rd October - 12.30 - 20.30, 6 CVE Credits
Dublin              24th October - 09.30 - 17.30, 6 CVE Credits

STS2:  Making Ends Meet:  Wound Management and Closure in Dogs and Cats

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We all encounter patients with wounds that defy our best attempts at closure.

Maybe there is an underlying disease, mabye there simply isn't enough skin, or maybe we don't know what to do next with a frustrating non-healing wound!  During this course, Ronan Doyle will discuss a practical approach to these cases from the initial wound assessment, to wound planning and successful wound reconstruction.  He will focus on techniques availabe to most general practitioners from simple tips for straightforward loacl closure to options for the more challenging cases, as well as introducing you to newer developments in wound management and wound management techonology.  He will also look at the particular approach required for planning of skin tumour excision and closure of the resultant defect.


Ronan graduated from University College Dublin in 1999 after which he completed an internship in small animal  surgery at the University Veterinary Hospital, UCD.  He then worked in small animal practice in England bfore returning to Dublin to complete an ECVS-residency programme in small animal surgery.  Following a post as lecturer in small animal surgery, he moved from Dublin to Davies Veterinary Specialists, with particular interests in wound management, surgical oncology and minimally-invasive surgery.