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Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Veterinary Ireland Launches Policy on Antimicrobial Resistance at Conference & AGM

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Specialist Equine Vets Convene in Kilkenny for Scientific Conference

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Vets Urge Horse Owners To Be Vigilant As Incidence of Harmful Condition Increases

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Dairy Expansion & Sustainable Animal Health: Exciting Concepts in Irish Agriculture – CAVI Conference 2014

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Vets Welcome Commencement of Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013


Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Agriculture Industry Could Gain €200 Million if Meat Plants Equipped for Veterinary Feedback

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Veterinary Ireland expresses shock that tail docking and dew claw removal of dogs will be permitted

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland -Rabies Case in the Netherlands – Risk to Ireland Has Increased Due to Amended Regulations

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Irish Vets Can Partner Farm Expansion, Efficiency and Quality

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland  - Veterinary & Scientific Spotlight on Pets 

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Vets Welcome Minister's Plans for Mandatory Microchipping of All Irish Dogs


Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Vets Highlight Halloween and Fear Problems in Dogs

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Veterinary Ireland congratulates the Gardai and DSPCA in rescuing puppies

National Animal Welfare Forum 2012 - View here

Imminent Introduction of Puppy Farm Legislation - Click here

Public Health and Welfare VICAS Media Release - Click here

Vets criticise scaremongering by opponents to Dog Breeding Bill - Click here

Veterinary Assistance Programme Launched - Click here

The Facts about the Proposed Dog Breeding Bill - Click here

Veterinary Profession Welcomes Extension of Pet Passports Regulations - Click here

Motions at Vet AGM call on Minister to Act on Animal and

Vets warn of Risks of "Watering Down" Puppy Farm Legislation - Click here


Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Vets Vote in Favour of Industrial Action

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland -  Irish Vets Call for Rapid Introduction of Puppy Farm Regulations

Media Release from Veterinary Ireland - Why vets are prescribing Radio for pets this Hallowe'en

Veterinary Profession welcomes Bikers at Horse Welfare Seminar - View here .

Veterinary Ireland concerned that changes in EU Regulations on Pets will increase threat to human health in Ireland - View here . 

National Animal Welfare Forum 2011 - Launching Spay Ireland Initiative - View here .


Vets mark "World Rabies Day" - Click here

Upcoming changes on Equine Identification - Click here


Bluetongue - Vets call for all out ban on imports from Bluetongue restricted zones - Click here

Electronic Tagging - Click here

Response to Lantinus - Denis Lynch - In response to queries in relation to the LANTINUS / DENIS LYNCH matter Veterinary Ireland has issued the following statement - Click here

Veterinary Ireland responds to Competition Authority Report - Click here

World Rabies Day 2008 - Awareness is the Best Defense against Rabies - Click here

WTO - Vets concerned about threat to agriculture from inappropriate WTO agreement - Click here


Dog Legislation - Minister Gormley Urged to Review Legislation for the Control of Dogs - Click here

Electronic Tagging - Proposed "Electronic Tagging" of Dogs Welcomed - Click here

FMD - Vets urge Vigilance - Click here


Veterinary Ireland supports practical farm rules regarding medicines propsed by Dept. of Agriculture & Food - Click here

Veterinary Medicines (as Gaeilge) - Buairt ar Tréidlia faoi rialacha nua ag baint le leigheas do ainimhthe feirime - Click here

Veterinary Medicines - Review of Veterinary Medicines Legislation - Click here

Veterinary Practice Bill - Vets welcome publicationof new bill - Click here

Vets on call - Veterinary Ireland responds to concerns about "Vets on Call" TV programmes - Click here


Heatstroke - Vets Issue Warning to All Pet Owners on the Dangers of Heatstroke - Click here

Media Release 7.5.03 - Vital Role for Vets in Meat Inspection Service - Click here


Conference - Cattle association of Veterinary Ireland launched at inaugral conferance in Nenagh - Click here

Consumers - Vets organisation reassures consumers - Click here

DAFF Dairy Schemes - Vets concerned about lack of agreement on beef and dairy schemes - Click here

Policy Papers - Vets issue new policy papers on TB and brucellosis eradication programmes - Click here

TB and Brucellosis Eradication Programmes - Click here


Bioterrorism - Vets role in coping with bio-terrorism - Click here

Veterinary-Farming Forum Convened - Click here

Vets urge Vigilance - Click here