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One of the principal aims of Veterinary Ireland is to continue to develop coherent policies on veterinary related issues, particularly in the areas of Animal Health, Animal Welfare and related Public Health.

Through the work of its Interest Groups and Specific Purpose Committees, Veterinary Ireland regularly formulates and revises Policies, Guidelines and Documents on a range of subjects, in order to assist its members in their roles as Veterinary Practitioners.


Veterinary Ireland Policy on Captive Wild Animals 24.5.18

Veterinary Ireland Policy on Brachycephalic Dogs 23.11.2017

Veterinary Ireland Position Statement on the Welfare of Pigs Kept in Intensive Systems 2017

Veterinary Ireland Policy on Cat Neutering 2017

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Veterinary Ireland Policy on Performance of Painful Procedures on Animals 2016

Veterinary Ireland Policy on Control of Dogs 2016

Veterinary Ireland Policy on Legislative Changes Required for Performance of Tail Docking and Dew Claw Removal in Dogs 2016

Veterinary Ireland Policy on Anti-Microbial Resistance 2014

Veterinary Ireland Policy on Welfare of Animals at Time of Slaughter 2014

Veterinary Ireland Policy on Surveillance of Farm Animals as a Tool to Monitor Environmental Contamination Caused by Industrial Activities 2014

Veterinary Ireland Policy on Use of Animals for Research 2014

Veterinary Ireland Policy on Welfare of Animals Slaughtered Without Stunning 2014

FVE UEVH Food Safety Brochure 2014

Other guidelines, documents and legislation are available to Veterinary Ireland Members in the Members only section of the website - Please log-in to view these documents.

In addition, Veterinary Ireland is an active member of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) and its Sections (EVERI, UEVH and UEVP) as well as the European Associations representing Companion Animal Vets – FECAVA – and Equine Vets - FEEVA.

A wide range of policies and position papers are also available to Veterinary Ireland Members through the FVE, FECAVA and FEEVA Websites. Documents, policies and posters relating to Animal Health; Animal Welfare; Education; Medicines; Public Health; the Veterinary Profession and other related topics are available at:




PLEASE NOTE: The National Council of Veterinary Ireland is currently undertaking a major review of all Veterinary Ireland Policies and Procedures, and this section of the Members only website is currently being revised.

In the meantime, should Veterinary Ireland members have any queries about these or any other policies, then please contact Veterinary Ireland HQ on 01-457-7976 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..